EXPRESSION:ハッシー, hassy, プロスケーター, pro skater, osaka, 大阪

Takaoki "HASSY" Hashimoto 
橋本 貴興

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Expression, Alien Workshop, Emerica,
Nixon, Thunder, Spitfire, Fizz Bearing,
redi, MO3 store, Post

Takaoki Hashimoto aka HASSY is a professional boarder in the world of both skateboarding and snowboarding. He has been destroying countless big spots with his flexible style and strong mentality developed in snowboarding. Literally, a professional's professional.


okkun, オックン, Ryuichi, okumura, 奥村竜一, Expression, エクスプレッション

Ryuichi "OKKUN" Okumura 
奥村 竜一

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Expression, Spotaka, unica,

Ryuichi Okumura aka OKKUN "A Funky Technician". Regardless of regular or switch stance, he preserves in any spots and finally makes it with his bag of tricks. A true spot seeker and real street skater, he is also playing an active part in worldwide service for Expression.


shinichi yamada, 山田晋一, Nomad, ノマド, osaka, 大阪, Expression, エクスプレッション

Shinichi "SHINCHAN" Yamada 
山田 晋一

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Expression, Nomad, Push Grip,
Emerica, Spotaka

Shinichi Yamada is a naturally talented skater who has massive power on board despite being very modest about his abilities. In spite of his small size, he can manage inconceivable big tricks as well as sensible combo tricks. Normally he does not talk much but knows well "Actions speak louder than words".


kazuaki yakushijin, 薬師神和昭, kaz2, カズ2, osaka, 大阪, Expression, エクスプレッション

Kazuaki "KAZ2" Yakushijin 
薬師神 和昭

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Expression, Strush Wheels,
DVS, Spotaka, Ca/she/wa,
Vivo, Krooked

Kazuaki Yakushijin aka KAZ2 has good style. His bouncy motion reminds you of physical ability of a cheetah and his personality is lively like the sunshine. Well known as a switch star, his switch variety of tricks exceed that of main stance. Be sure to keep your eyes on his kaleidoscopic skating.


venice nogami, ヴェニス, サケーター, saketer, osaka, 大阪, Expression, エクスプレッション

Tatsuya "VENICE" Nogami 

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Expression (Team Manager), redi,
Mastermind, Ca/she/wa, shelter,
X-tech, Prohibit, Nike sb

Tatsuya Nogami aka VENICE is now in charge of the team manager. Many skaters have been influenced and encouraged by his handrail skating showing he got balls. Now he runs his own brand "DORCUS" and keeps promoting the skate scene. A typical skater originally from Osaka.